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No idea how to make an engaging learning experiences?
...No worries, I do!

You have all the facts, you have all the knowledge, but how can you get this information across to your team, your company, your learners...that will not only keep them engaged and also educate them?

That's where I come in - (cue superhero music!) *Da da daaaaaaa*

Ok, so I don't wear a cape and shiny tights, but I can help you when it comes to creating and building effective training through the use of engaging storytelling, interactive resources and educational elements - particularly delivered online.

Why is this important

Well, in today's world we can all agree that accessing information online is vital for cost savings and our health. Also, education is relying more and more on a blended approach of online and face-to-face resources - but this doesn't mean it has to be static and boring.

So why not let me take out the hard work of this process for you! I can help by assisting with understanding your problem, your audience and then capturing your knowledge and expertise, and bringing it to life through exciting and engaging learning experiences

Programs I can use to create your masterpeice

Articulate 360


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Photoshop


Adobe InDesign


Adobe AfterEffects


Microsoft Suite


About Me 

Meet  the team...


Digital Learning Designer


From the age of three, caught red-handed drawing on my brother's bedroom wall, I knew the creative life was for me!

I did slightly divert from this path, completing a university degree in Marine Biology, but after this, I hopped on a plane, moved to the other side of the world from Sydney to London where I swapped my crayons for a virtual brush.


Since then I have been professionally working as an Instructional Designer/eLearning Developer/Learning Experience Designer for over 10 years within the medical, financial and hospitality industries. I have now managed to make my way back to Sydney, with husband and cat in tow to continue to create great learning experiences down in the Southern Hemisphere.



Assistant, Quality Assurance Checker

Although scared of the doorbell, Fluff brings an excellent level of customer service to the team and is always on hand to greet visitors by rubbing her head on your feet. 

As a Quality Assurance Checker, her attention to detail goes above and beyond, constantly inspecting new concepts, designs, keyboards, paper, pens, mugs of coffee, desk plants, plates of food or any box that may come into the office.

Although she can be regularly found napping on a soft blanket nearby, Fluff is an enthusiastic team player, never afraid to jump on a video call just to check-in and get involved with client meetings.

What we've been up to on Instagram...


Interested in work I've done in the past?

Take a look here at projects I've worked on or been involved in.

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