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Completing your OKRs

Video email campaign/educational intranet pages - WorldRemit (2021)


Project background

WorldRemit had recently introduced a new process for setting objectives and recording achievements across their business. When this had been initially set up, it had resulted in a lot of information being dumped on their intranet site which confused and bombarded employees. This led to employees being confused and an increase in email traffic to the Talent Management (L&D) Team with people asking for a lot of clarification.


Key goals of the project


The key goals of the project were to:

  • help reduce the emails coming to the Talent Management team

  • develop a clear and concise explanation of what needed to be done – through the use of videos, diagrams and infographics

  • update the intranet site to make it clear and concise using the tools above

  • worked with the comms team to develop a series of email campaigns to be launched as the new site went live. This was to

  • help update people throughout the year with on demand information and not bombard them all at once


My role

  • Mapped out old intranet site, worked with SMEs to decide what was to stay/change/delete.

  • Designed new intranet site structure and flow.

  • Researched HR intranet sites and what should/shouldn’t be included.

  • Designed infographic content for the new site.

  • Storyboarded and designed explainer videos for the site and email campaigns.

  • Set up and rolled out campaigns to the wider business.




Intranet Website

Email Campaigns



  • Powerpoint

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe After Eddects

  • Voice Overs



  • Graphic Design

  • Branding

  • Web Design 

  • UX/IU Design

  • Marketing/Emails

Watch an example of the explainer video


Intranet Pages - Design and development

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