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Lets get wasted

Infographic poster - Nando's (2019)

Project background

I was approached by our “Do the right thing” (DtRT) team who look after Nando’s environmental initiatives to help with creating an infographic style posted for the restaurants. It’s aim was to expose people in restaurants to all of the opportunities they had throughout their working day, to recycle certain things – that we should keep this at the forefront of our minds not just when we’re taking out the rubbish at the end of the day.

  • ProCreate

  • PowerPoint

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe InDesign

  • Sketching

  • Bringing a concept to life through simple illustrations

  • Page layout design


The team who approached me had initially gone to a graphic design team but were unhappy with what they had produced. Upon meeting with them we spoke about their vision, shared all the raw materials as well as what the graphic design company had produced.

With this I came up with a few designs and working with the DtRT team we developed an illustrative narrative for the poster. I wanted to focus on telling the story that there are many stages in your working day where you have the opportunity to recycle. I illustrated this by dividing the page horizontally into 5 sections, to represent the times of day which included: Delivery, Pre-open prep, Service and co-ord, End of the day, Disposal of rubbish. At each stage I included icons of different bin colours, to indicate what rubbish went where.

I sketched this out in Procreate and then templated it in PowerPoint so my SME’s could edit any text. After this I developed all the assets in Adobe Illustrator and put it all together in InDesign.

My role
Initial content we began with
Early concepts/designs
Final poster
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