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KIS Design characters

Hand drawn personalised character sketches  - Personal project (2019)

Project background

I have always been interested in sketching and early 2019 I started drawing little sketched of my fiancé and I, as you will see from my Instagram page @k.i.s.designs. The very first one I did was for our wedding invitation.

  • Adobe Procreate - on Ipad pro

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Sketching and drawing

Designing a set of coasters

After designing our wedding invitation, I then came up with the idea to design a coaster for each of our guests attending our wedding, as we only had a small ceremony.


I found pictures of each of our guests and using my Apple Tablet and the Procreate App, I sketched out characters to the likeness of everyone attending. I then bought some glass coasters online and printed them out. We used these as placeholders for our table and also as favors for our guests to take home with them.

Samples of the coaster designs
Other designs I've created

I have also now begun to make cards for friends, used my character throughout the branding of my business as well as using them for desktop, laptop and phone backgrounds.

Samples of my other designs