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Virtual induction program

A blended combination of webinars, slack channels, emails & checklists - WorldRemit (2021)


Project background

As a result of the pandemic and employees resigning, as of mid-2020 World Remit no longer was able to provide their face-to-face induction programme for onboarding new employees in the UK. In addition to this, the team business was also rapidly growing globally, and those who oversaw inducing employees elsewhere, were struggling to do this virtually as well, in addition to keep up with current content and affairs within the business. 


Key goals of the project


The key goals of the project were to:

  • Come up with a programme to give newly onboarded employees a sense of belonging and community as well as provide them with the necessary information they would require in their early stages of working in the company such as booking holiday leave/finding their way around the intranet etc.

  • Ensure other countries has the same information to induct their new employees the same way.


My role

  • Created a branded welcome pack which was sent out to all new employees within the UK

  • Designed an interactive hour-long 4x day workshop, which ran twice a month in which all new employees were to join

  • This was broken down into a "Global Tour" of the company and a "Local Tour" of the employee's surroundings. It covered topics such as:

    • A brief history of the company​

    • An introduction to the product and clients

    • An overview of the business structure

    • IT Housekeeping

    • Payroll/benefits

    • Travel and expenses

    • Internal Comms

  • Designed facilitators notes and slides so that anyone could run the induction sessions

  • Implemented the use of SLACK groups to ensure new employees could communicate with managers and their peers if they were ever lost or needed help

  • Developed a checklist for new employees to follow on their first month in the business, to guide them if they were lost.



  • Welcome pack

  • Slack channel / email campaigns

  • 4x 1 hour interactive webinar sessions

  • Checklist



  • Slack

  • Powerpoint, zoom and menti

  • Excel

  • Interactive PDF



  • Marketing/Email comms

  • Instructional Design

  • Webinar Design

  • Slide Design

What it looked like - for participants

Overall package for new joiners

  • Welcome pack with branded book, water bottle, USB and information on starting their new day and how to log into SLACK

  • Comms via slack leading up their first day as well as joining of the new induction group

  • On their first (or second week) of joining, 4x daily hour long, induction webinar sessions

  • A checklist of key things for them to work through and do as they became inducted into the business

Artboard 3.png

Branded Welcome Pack

Induction SLACK channel

4x daily hour long induction webinar sessions

Induction checklist

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